Responsive Website
May 2023 - September 2023

Project Overview

I had the privilege of collaborating with Perth Commercial Buyers Agent to create their website. PCBA is a commercial real estate agency based in Perth Australia. Following their brand guidelines and working with their team, I designed the UX/UI using Figma subsequently brought the vision to life by developing the website in Webflow. I incorporated a robust CMS, implemented various interactive elements, and added eye-catching animations. I am proud to continue serving as their dedicated Webflow Designer as needed, ensuring their digital presence remains top-notch.


The challenges I encountered during the project development process were, firstly with the task of creating the necessary CMS collections, along with their preview thumbnails and associated pages. This required careful planning and execution to ensure the project's content management system was well-structured and visually appealing. Another significant challenge I faced was implementing a CMS collection list for testimonials within a carousel slider. This feature was crucial to enable users to seamlessly navigate through the business’s testimonials. Achieving a smooth and user-friendly carousel slider for testimonials required dedicated effort and problem-solving.

Wireframes and Prototypes

The initial phase of website design typically involves wireframing, a process in which we collaborate closely with clients to establish the information architecture and layout of their website. During this stage, we create all the necessary pages and integrate them with navigation buttons to ensure a cohesive and user-friendly experience.

High-Fidelity Prototype

Following the completion of the wireframe and layout, we proceed to incorporate styles and brand colors into the design, adhering to the provided style guide or creating a customized one for the client. Once the design closely aligns with the client's vision, we then prepare for the development phase.

Webflow Development

Using the prototype, we developed a cutting-edge website in Webflow, emphasizing user experience and functionality. Our work included a seamless integration of complex CMS collections, a multi-step form for engaging user interaction, and dynamic animations that breathe life into the design. We also implemented an API for real-time property listings, ensuring the site's responsiveness and ease of use across all devices. This project highlights our skill in creating visually appealing, technically sophisticated websites that drive real business results.